Episode 157 Creating an Inclusive and Diverse Event

157 Creating an Inclusive & Diverse Event – Cherie Ward

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Each TED event is focused on ideas worth spreading.” Our guest today truly embodies this idea as the organizer of a TEDx event that includes a diversity of speakers across disciplines and genres. You’ll be inspired by Cherie’s creativity and passion for helping spread ideas in an ever-changing society.

Cherie A. Ward, Ph.D. has been working and producing in the fields of radio, television, film and stage for over 25 years. She won a Telley Award in 2012 for her educational children’s television show pilot, which was screened at the 2013 Heritage Filmmakers Conference. A former Miss District of Columbia” and representative in the coveted Miss America Pageant,” her professional poise is enhanced by her educational and professional successes. She started TEDxHowardUniversity and the event is now approaching its fourth year.

We’ll explore:

  • The background of TEDxHowardUniversity.
  • How Cherie chose a theme for the first event.
  • The difference between curating a small event and a large one.
  • How Cherie found her speakers the first time, as opposed to the third time.
  • Cherie’s favorite thing about being a TEDx organizer.
  • Cherie’s favorite TED talks.
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