Episode 162 Becoming an Ambassador to Your Community

162 Becoming an Ambassador to Your Community – Chris Daley

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TEDx events have a global impact since the speaker’s talks can be viewed online. However, the events also have a local impact by influencing their communities in surprising ways. Today’s guest is the organizer of TEDxPittsburgh, and he shares how the event helps people become ambassadors to the community.

Chris Daley is an award-winning digital marketing professional leading a team of digital professionals to create online experiences in web, social media, and video to tell stories that engage consumers in their health care. He also serves as an adjunct professor at Duquesne University, teaching students advertising, writing, and digital marketing.

Chris Daley is a proud Pittsburgher who thinks the city’s biggest export can be ideas. To contribute to this goal, he organizes TEDxPittsburgh events every year. In 2016, Chris was honored to be a part of PUMP and Pittsburgh Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list for the community work involving producing TEDxPittsburgh events. If you can’t find Chris in the board room, classroom, or at a TEDx event, you may find him on stage performing with his pop punk band, Mace Ballard, who recently released their 4th album on a small record label. He also shares his musings of being a new dad on his dad blog.

We’ll explore:

  • How TEDxPittsburgh is impacting the community.
  • What Chris looks for when curating the event.
  • How they select speakers for the event.
  • Why they frame speaker selection as a call for ideas” instead of a call for speakers.”
  • The difference between no” and not this time, but …”
  • Chris’ favorite thing about being a TEDx organizer.
  • Chris’ favorite TED talk.
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