Episode 156 Involving Your Community in the Process

156 Involving Your Community in the Process – Dora Dzvonyar

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Each TEDx event is unique to its community. On this episode, our guest shares her perspective on organizing TEDxTUM, which takes place in a university setting. Dora’s experience and practical approach to involving the community will help you be more successful in your speaking and organizing as well.

Dora Dzvonyar is currently pursuing her PhD in computer science at the Technical University of Munich, where she teaches applied Software Engineering to students in hands-on project courses. She is the license owner and curator of TEDxTUM, the local event in the TED format based at her university. The team has organized multiple 600-attendee events and is known for the energy they put into the audience experience. They want to make sure everyone has an amazing day and is kicked out of their usual ways of thinking. Dora has been in charge of curation and speaker coaching for the past three years and loves taking the speakers on a journey to make sure they give the best talk possible.

We’ll explore:

  • The themes of the last four TEDxTUM events.
  • When, and why, Dora became an organizer.
  • What Dora looks for when curating her event.
  • How the team finds speakers for the event.
  • How they use a circular curation box” to generate ideas for TEDxTUM.
  • What makes a great speaker, particularly a speaker focusing on scientific topics.
  • How Dora helps introverted scientists share their message on stage.
  • Dora’s favorite thing about being the TEDxTUM organizer.
  • Dora’s favorite TED talk.
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