Episode 161 Building Bridges in India

161 Building Bridges in India – Raashi Saxena

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TED talks have helped people from all cultures and walks of life come together to appreciate great ideas. Today’s guest is the founder of a TEDx event in India, and she shares her passion and wisdom for serving the global community through TEDx.

Raashi Saxena is a passionate community builder, former design engineer, and founder of TEDxKoramangala, a TEDx event in Bangalore, the startup capital of India. She believes that the essence of community building lies in sharing one’s collective passions, dreams, and creativity, which ultimately amplify the sense of connection and help ideas come into fruition. Her involvement with TED has resulted in her being featured in several Indian publications, as well as the TEDx Innovations Blog. The 25-year-old aspires for a career that works at the intersection of business, design and psychology. She is currently exercising her creative muscle as the Business Head for Sky Goodies, a DIY product company.

We’ll explore:

  • Behind-the-scenes info on TEDxKoramangala
  • When Raashi became an organizer, and what she looks for when curating her event.
  • How Raashi selects speakers for the event.
  • The importance of refreshing ideas and thoughts.
  • Raashi’s favorite thing about being a TEDx organizer.
  • How she supports the speakers at her event.
  • Raashi’s favorite TED talks.
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