Episode 163 The Power to Create Community

163 The Power to Create Community – Sarah Spang

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A TEDx event not only impacts the community where it takes place. It also impacts those who help plan and organize it. Today’s guest shares how being a part of TEDx has helped her connect with both those who attend and participate, as well as the community around them.

Sarah G. Spang is Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Envision Greater Fond du Lac, a Chamber of Commerce/economic development corporation hybrid. Sarah has earned an Associate Degree in Business Management, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and is in the process of finishing her Master of Business Administration.

Her biggest passion comes from being the license holder and lead organizer of TEDxFondduLac. Thus far, TEDxFondduLac has held one event and is working towards the second in the summer of 2018. Sarah travels as often as possible to learn from other TEDx events and also attends TED conferences, including attending TEDWomen 2017 in New Orleans and TEDFest 2018 in New York City this spring.

We’ll explore:

  • Behind-the-scenes info on TEDxFondduLac.
  • Why Sarah became an organizer.
  • What Sarah looks for when curating her event.
  • How the audience makes the event possible for the speakers.
  • How the select speakers for TEDxFondduLac.
  • Why Sarah is aiming for 14 speakers for this year’s event.
  • What Sarah enjoys about being a TEDx organizer.
  • Sarah’s favorite TED talk.
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