Tricia Brouk is an expert public speaking coach in New York City. She provides comprehensive public speaking training and coaching services to help you become a confident and persuasive communicator. With her background in speaking, theater, communications, education, and business, she understands the importance of persuasive communication in any situation – from boardrooms to classrooms to stage performances.

We believe that developing your public speaking skills is an essential part of personal and professional growth. We focus on helping you develop strong communication skills to improve self-confidence and the ability to effectively convey ideas in any environment.

Why Work with a Public Speaking Coach?

We all want to be better speakers. We want to have confidence, poise and calmness on whatever stage we take. We want to capture the minds and hearts of our audience within the first few seconds of our speech or presentation.

If you find yourself among these ones that are ready to take your public speaking to the next level, and the next, and the next, then Tricia Brouk is the coach for you.

Working with Tricia will not only help you become a better and more poised speaker, but she will provide objective feedback on your performance, address any weaknesses in technique and style, and help you hone the skills necessary to become an effective communicator in every facet of your personal and professional life.

Working with a public speaking coach can also help you develop the personal style and strength you need to become a more effective communicator on any stage. With Tricia’s expertise, guidance and support, you will gain the confidence needed to speak in front of an audience with poise and clarity.

Coaching Services for Speakers

Tricia Brouk offers her clients an individualized experience, helping them to identify their goals and then work together toward those goals. She will help you develop the skills necessary to communicate with impact, confidence, clarity and authenticity. Her services include building strong speaking habits, improving body language and nonverbal cues when presenting, writing compelling speeches, story crafting and presentation design.

The Big Talk Academy

This is Tricia’s signature program that will teach you how to communicate, speak and lead at a world class level. If you want to move from being a good speaker to a great speaker, then this is for you!

The Art of the Big Talk Masterclass

In this virtual 2-day live masterclass, you will join hundreds of other aspiring speakers who have made their dreams come true by stepping into center stage. You’ll receive 8 hours of live training, a companion workbook, a live performance training, analysis of three fully written applications and so much more.

The Speaker Salon

The Speaker Salon is curated by Tricia Brouk and is a live intensive in New York City exclusively for speakers. Apply today.

The Big Talk Podcast

The Big Talk is a public speaking podcast that pulls back the curtain of the art of public speaking, TED Talks, and how to get paid to speak. Tricia speaks with and interviews the world’s top speakers, and touches on everything from thought leadership, mistakes from the stage and how to tell your personal story.

The Influential Voice

Tricia’s book, The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean for Lasting Legacy was a #1 New Release on Amazon in December 2020.

About Tricia

Tricia Brouk is an internationally award-winning director, producer, author  and public speaking coach. She was the  executive producer of TEDxLincolnSquare and Speakers Who Dare in New York City. She has had the amazing privilege of working with thousands of  outstanding speakers, and she knows the art of the big talk. Her coaching skills are so profound that she has supported countless speakers onto TEDx stages, she has certified hundreds of speakers through her Big Talk Academy and also is the curator of Oxford Talks and a Channel Partner for Speak. 

She is currently being featured in a new documentary called Big Stages, which highlights the transformation of her speakers. And with more than three decades of expertise in theatrical performance, her public speaking tips, techniques, skills and other mentorship qualities can scarcely be found elsewhere.

 Tricia puts speakers onto big stages – and if you’re seeking a public speaking coach in NYC, reach out to Tricia today.

Get Public Speaking Coaching Today

Delivering a TEDx talk might be the ultimate goal for some, while others are interested in simply enhancing their current public speaking skills and becoming better speakers for their current positions or their overall career. With Tricia’s coaching behind you, she can help you become a fearless speaker, to master communication skills and much more. Reach out to Tricia Brouk online today regarding her coaching services.