Client Case Study

Sarah Nannen Speaker TEDx Speake Author Empowerment Coach

Sarah Nannen

Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Author Empowerment Coach
  1. Why did you work with Tricia and in which service offering?
    I knew immediately that Tricia was the person who was going to help me take the impact and reach of my work to the next level. She took the time to understand not just my message but the passion behind my work and it was clear from the start that her energetic investment in our work together was a deep as mine. Her intuitive ability to help me stretch both my capacity and the depth of my messaging has completely transformed how I share my message as well as the trajectory of my career. Tricia knows how to get things done with guidance that is equal parts relentless and nurturing.

  2. What were your goals?
    When I hired Tricia, my goal was to take a TEDx stage. I hadn’t applied, I didn’t know where to start, but I knew I wanted to share my message from that red dot.

  3. How did she get you there?
    Tricia’s guidance not only got me to the TEDx stage, she took my goals to the moon and beyond my wildest dreams. It was like hoping to finish a 5K and finding out that you were well-prepared to complete an Ironman. As a result of her guidance, networking prowess, and insightful research, it’s clear that the TEDx was only the beginning of a magical ride.

  4. What surprised you about the process?
    I continue to be pleasantly surprised by Tricia’s energetic investment in our work together. Her passion directly infuses our every session with creative energy that sustainably generates a prolific depth of work and ever-broadening scope of professional possibility. It’s also incredibly spacious to work with someone who is so quick to make an introduction, share a resource, or e-mail over an insider tip – she is a well-connected Jane of all trades and has abundant wisdom and quick action steps and answers for my every question and challenge along the way.

  5. What surprised you about yourself?
    The way I see myself, my work, and the way forward has expanded exponentially thanks to Tricia’s support. My work has deepened, my vision is so much bigger, my confidence in my abilities is rock solid and my purpose on this planet is crystal clear. Thank you, Tricia!

  6. What was your ROI?
    My ROI has only begun to be revealed. With a TEDx on the horizon, two documentaries in the works, a new podcast in production and a year of speaking engagements in the works, I cannot wait to look back and calculate how the scope of my work (and ROI) has skyrocketed as a result of this work together. While not directly related to tangible revenue (yet!), for the first time ever, my professional path feels limitless. How’s that for ROI?

  7. Have you worked with Tricia in more than one service offering?
    I’ve attended Tricia’s Speaker Salon (amazing), spoke on her Speakers Who Dare 2019 stage (life-changing) and am in the midst of a year-long VIP coaching program that is the best investment I’ve ever made.

  8. What’s the one thing that makes Tricia stand out among speaking coaches?
    Tricia’s devotion to excellence is backed by a lifetime of experience revolving around the stage: dance, storytelling, Hollywood, television – she’s done it all. She understands what it takes to captivate the attention of your audience and provide intentional, meaningful, high impact content. Tricia isn’t just helping people stand on a stage and recite a few memorized words with confidence, she’s helping us change the world one speaker at a time.

  9. Would you work with Tricia again?
    Yes, yes, one million times yes!