What is a TED Talk & is Speaking at a TEDx Worth It?

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You have no doubt heard of the Ted Talk. TED has long been a very credible and widely known brand. Slots for these talks are highly coveted and incredibly difficult to attain. Simply put, the TED stage is for the best of the best. But what is a Ted Talk? And why is it such a game changer for speakers, innovators and entrepreneurs?

TED is a non-profit organization standing for technology, entertainment and design, though it also includes topics related to science, culture and academics. The idea to merge technology, entertainment and design happened at a conference in 1984, which was headed up by Richard Saul Wurman. In 2001, Chris Anderson became curator, TED Global was formed and TED Talks were put online for free. There are currently over 2,600 Ted Talks available online today. In 2009, TEDx was formed, which gave anyone the opportunity to become an independent organizer. By 2012, TED and TEDx Talks were watched over one billion times worldwide.

TED TalkIs Speaking on a TED Stage Worth It?

If you are a speaker that has crossed the TED stage, you well know that the ideas you present are important, because TED talks are about ideas worth spreading. So, if you have not spoken on a TEDx stage, you have an idea worth spreading and you are ready to take your speaking credibility to the ultimate level, then yes, speaking at a TED or TEDx event is absolutely worth it.

Speaking on a TED stage will open countless doors, lead to more returned calls, and result in instant credibility. You cannot underestimate the “wow factor” that comes into play after speaking at a TED conference or TEDx event. For those reasons, wearing the crown of a TED speaker is highly desired and sought after by authors, speakers and leaders worldwide.

How to Write a TED Talk

One very important thing to remember is that TED talks are an artform. Just like any other artform, it takes a great deal of time and commitment to learn the art of public speaking, in addition to how to identify your idea worth presenting, then write and deliver an impeccable TED talk.

Check out Tricia Brouk’s video on how to write a TED talk, and then reach out to her if you’re ready to take your skills to the next level. Taking the TEDx stage is a game changer – but Tricia has helped countless speakers on their TEDx journey, and she is ready to help you, too!

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