Public Speaking Coach


In a word – yes. Whether you’re a veteran speaker or you’re just beginning your career, public speaking coaching can help you prepare for any situation and develop your skills as a confident communicator. Tricia offers coaching services to help you fine-tune your technique, build confidence and sharpen presentation delivery.

A public speaking coaching session will help you to develop your skills as a powerful and confident speaker. You’ll be able to explore topics, practice techniques, get feedback on your performance, understand nonverbal cues and body language, receive tips for overcoming stage fright and anxiety, and practice delivering dynamic presentations. Tricia will also help you to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies for becoming a more effective speaker in every aspect of your professional and personal life.

The length of time required depends on the individual. It greatly depends on the amount of time, effort and work you put into your lessons. The key is to practice regularly and devote yourself to mastering the skills necessary for delivering memorable speeches. With Tricia’s help, you can start to see measurable improvements within a few short weeks.

When selecting a public speaking coach, it is important to consider their expertise and experience. For example, Tricia has years of experience as a keynote speaker and a proven track record of getting her clients onto big stages. You’ll also want to ensure that your speaking coach has in-depth knowledge of the topics you wish to discuss and that they are able to provide effective feedback and guidance. Most importantly, make sure that the coach is someone you feel comfortable working with and who can help you reach your public speaking goals.
Motivational speaking is a subset of public speaking and focuses on inspiring the audience to take action. Unlike other forms of public speaking, motivational speakers use their platform to talk about relevant topics such as self-improvement and overcoming obstacles in order to achieve success.

A keynote speaker serves as the centerpiece of an event or gathering. They are usually invited to address a group of attendees on a particular topic and to provide insight, knowledge, and inspiration for those listening.


The key to being a successful motivational speaker is having the ability to connect with and engage an audience. This requires practice and dedication, among other things. To hone your public speaking skills, consider working with Tricia Brouk. Tricia curated The Speaker Salon, a live speaker-exclusive intensive in NYC, hosts The Art of the Big Talk, a virtual 2-day public speaking masterclass, and provides her signature program, The Big Talk Academy, to teach speakers to communicate effectively and lead at a world class level.