The Influencer Podcast – Julie Solomon

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The Influencer Podcast with Tricia Brouk and Guest Speaker Julie Solomon

Do you feel like you’re meant to excel in more than one field or industry? Do you wish you could figure out how to go after everything you’re passionate about, while still remaining authentic? What if you didn’t have to choose just one thing to pursue professionally? 

If those questions speak to you, you’re going to love today’s podcast guest, Tricia Brouk. Tricia is the definition of someone who ‘does it all,’ and she’s done it super successfully. Her resume includes “award winning director,” “professional writer,” “television show choreographer,” “TEDx producer,” “sought-after speaker,” “podcast host” and much, much more. 

In addition to the incredible accomplishments mentioned above, Tricia also finds time to coach, mentor and motivate people looking to become professional speakers. More specifically, she helps her students identify and craft big talks, and strategize their speaking careers for success. 

I loved getting to chat with Tricia about how she got started (you’ll want to hear why she originally moved from Missouri to NYC!), and how she learned she was a natural at leading and training people. Her story is an amazing reminder that we don’t have to be forced into just one, limiting ‘box’ when it comes to our careers, and that you can truly do it all if you put in the right amount of energy and commitment.   

If your dream is to stand in front of huge crowds one day at important events, Tricia is your girl. Tricia’s work has been praised by leading industry professionals, including Farnoosh Torabi, a financial columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine and creator of “So Money” podcast, who says “Tricia is where public speaking and business meet!” and that she is “an absolute MASTER at public speaking.” 

If you’re looking to learn how to inspire and encourage others through your words and land the speaking events of your dreams, you won’t want to miss what Tricia has to say.


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