106 Begin with the End in Mind – Jenn Lederer

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What do you want your audience to take away from your talk? That is the question on the mind of today’s guest every time she prepares to speak. She reveals why she begins with the end in mind, plus other practical tips from her writing and speaking journey.

Jenn Lederer is a motivational speaker, leadership coach, and creator & host of the Weekly Alignment™ podcast. As a speaker, her quick comedic wit, irreverence, and no-BS authenticity make her message and the world of spirituality and wellness accessible to all. Jenn is an esteemed, and frequently published, member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a contributor to the Huffington Post Wellness section, and has recently taken the stage at Yale and Google Headquarters in New York to share her thoughts on conscious leadership.

We’ll explore:

  • Why Jenn has recently changed her podcast to take advantage of Facebook live streaming.
  • Why she prefers doing a big talk before writing a book.
  • The importance of finding 3-4 talking points you can always come back to, and how these points can impact your personal brand.
  • The value of determining the takeaways for your talk.
  • Why journaling is important to her writing process.
  • The similarities and differences between her process for preparing a talk and writing a book.
  • Why it’s important to remember that your book or talk is already within you.
  • Why speaking is the foundation of her business, and the ways that speaking helps her audience to know like and trust her.
  • Her advice for anyone starting out on their speaking journey.

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