126 The Magic of an Outline

126 The Magic of an Outline – Mari Carmen Pizarro

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Although a book and a big talk are two different ways of reaching people, a great outline can make both easier and more effective. Today’s guest will show you how to use an outline as the basis for each one. You will also learn why both a book and a talk are so vital for building your platform.

Mari Carmen Pizarro is a bestselling author, nutritional consultant, high performance coach, and a TEDx speaker. She founded Streamlined Health, a company dedicated to serving leaders who, like her, suffered from health ailments that prevented them from being at the top of their game. Mari is dedicated to teaching leaders how to feel continuously energized, look their best, and exude confidence that is critical to their sense of wellbeing and ability to inspire those around them. Mari is an Integrative Health Coach and a Certified Personal Trainer who holds a Master’s in business, and is also a world-class transformational and executive coach.

We’ll explore:

  • How Mari is using her past experiences to create a book, a talk, and a course that will have a large reach.
  • Mari’s process for narrowing a book into a talk.
  • Her strategies for expanding or compressing a talk to fit any time frame.
  • The way she chooses the most impactful points to make in a talk.
  • Why it is painful to “birth” a book.
  • The value of doing research and reading books on your topic.
  • How writing increases your awareness of your topic in the world around you.
  • Why giving a talk is much more stressful for Mari than writing a book.
  • How both a book and a talk can help build your platform, and how both reach different people.
  • The value of testing material by giving talks before writing the book.

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