114 Going Deeper with the Process – Mary Fran Bontempo

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Writers and speakers pursue their craft for all kinds of reasons. Today’s guest will remind you of the most important “why”—connecting with an audience and changing their lives. She shares her speaking and writing journey, and will challenge you to go deeper with the process.

Mary Fran Bontempo is a speaker, author, and humorist who teaches audiences to control their most powerful influence: Self-Talk. Author of The Woman’s Book of Dirty Words, and Not Ready for Granny Panties, Mary Fran proves that small changes in self-talk yield big life changes, allowing individuals to be positive, productive, and vital in a rapidly changing world.

We’ll explore:

  • How an unexpected evolution in Mary Fran’s life led to new opportunities.
  • How she narrowed down her book into an 18-minute talk.
  • Mary Fran’s writing process: generating an idea, creating the ending, then connecting the dots.
  • The importance of the visual and physical in the creative process.
  • Mary Fran’s advice for turning a talk into a book.
  • Why a book is an opportunity to go deeper with your audience.
  • Why public speaking is a form of performance.
  • The importance of practicing eye contact and stage movement.
  • The value of centering yourself in the writing process.
  • Why speaking and writing are branches of your personal brand.
  • Why the most important thing is knowing what your message is.

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