111 Why Not Me? – Naphtali Hoff

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Is it possible to move from education to entrepreneurship—two fields with very different skill sets? Today’s guest answers an enthusiastic “Yes!” He’ll share how he overcame fear and is using speaking and writing to embark on a new career path that is changing lives.

Naphtali Hoff, PsyD, is President of Impactful Coaching & Consulting. He is an accomplished executive coach, organizational consultant, and sought after trainer and lecturer. He holds two master’s degrees in education and educational leadership, respectively, and completed his doctorate in human and organizational psychology, which analyzes successful individual or organizational change and development. Naphtali is the proud author of Becoming the New Boss, a leadership book that seeks to help new leaders hit the ground running and enjoy sustained success.

We’ll explore:

  • Why the goal of Becoming the New Boss is to help people become the very best leader possible in the shortest amount of time.
  • Why Naphtali’s book came before his big talk.
  • How he uses the book to tell the story of his setback to come back.
  • Why writing the book helped him grow as a professional.
  • How the book began as a series of blog posts.
  • The importance of real takeaways, key stories, and a core message to share with your audience.
  • How Naphtali prepares a book launch and a big talk very differently.
  • The value of asking, “What is the worst that can happen?”
  • Why speaking gives you a level of connection and depth that you cannot get any other way.
  • Why he continually asks himself, “Why not me?”

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