116 Capturing Your Voice – Stacy Berman

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What happens when you have a message burning inside you, but you don’t consider yourself a writer? How do you share your voice with the world? Today’s guest shows us that it’s possible to create a fantastic book by working with a ghostwriter. You’ll hear why she chose this method of writing a book and why it’s so vital to capture your voice in your writing.

Soon after creating the first boot camp in NYC, Stacy Berman realized that exercise is not the only component for creating a sound mind in a sound body, or getting you to look amazing with your clothes off. Stacy realized that putting anything less than the best in your body is a waste. The System by Stacy, a luxury line of organic protein powders, was developed from this philosophy.

Ever a seeker in mind-body health, Stacy became a certified nutrition specialist, studied consciousness and meditation, and apprenticed to a Native American Shaman of the Hopi tradition for eight years. In 2015, she received a master degree in natural medicine and is on track for her Ph.D in natural medicine.

From trainer, to nutrition specialist, to spiritual explorer, to researcher, Stacy has combined all her knowledge of health and healing into her upcoming book Love Yourself Naked: The Science of Self-Perception, Spirituality, and Weight Loss.

We’ll explore:

  • Why the book, not the big talk, came first for Stacy.
  • Stacy’s process of working with a ghostwriter.
  • How Stacy is using the book to develop the big talk.
  • The importance of getting feedback on your ideas.
  • How her book and speaking builds her business.
  • Why Stacy prefers speaking to writing.
  • The value of working with a ghostwriter who already knew her voice.
  • Why it’s vital to get your thoughts down in a clear, cohesive way.

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