121 Start Before You’re Ready

121 Start Before You’re Ready – Tara Rae Bradford

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Do you wait to take action until you feel completely ready? Today’s guest will challenge you to dive in and realize that taking action is the most important part of achieving your dreams.

Tara Rae Bradford is an international growth strategist & success coach. She is the founder of The Potentialista®, a global mentorship program to help female entrepreneurs live extraordinary lives. Tara has nine years of experience helping individuals and families through tragedies. When she reached the top of her career path by the age of 26, she discovered that happiness and success are not the same thing. After reinventing her own life, she completed her certification in high performance coaching with a focus on neurolinguistic programming so she could help others create the free and fulfilling lives they are meant to be living too!

We’ll explore:

  • Why she will probably finish her big talk before the book is completed.
  • How blogging and writing articles has helped her writing process.
  • Why Tara uses pen and paper to write.
  • Why she can express herself more in writing than she can on the stage.
  • How speaking impacts Tara’s business and helped develop her confidence.
  • Why Tara feels that writing is more fun than speaking.

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