After the Verdict: Seeing the Humanity in All People with Elizabeth Wellington

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Show Summary: 

On today’s show, I am sharing with you my amazing conversation with Elizabeth Wellington — a writer, reporter, agitator and lifestyle columnist with The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

As a journalist, she writes about everything from gender and race to fashion, culture and wellness. She shares her personal take on the way we live and how we style our lives.

I asked Elizabeth to be on the podcast and intentionally interrupted our normal release schedule to bring it to you as soon as possible because I knew this was a conversation that would resonate.

Elizabeth, a fellow New Yorker, who was born and raised in the city — although, she now calls Philadelphia home. In our conversation, she shares that her desire to become a writer began here in NYC at the age of seven and has only blossomed from there. 

While she originally wanted to write a novel (which is now working on), her career path has taken her into the world of journalism as a lifestyle columnist. She has written on everything from fashion week to wellness to racial equality. 

In our time together, Elizabeth and I discuss how we can all be a part of the solution to the racial injustice we are seeing in the world. 

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Elizabeth as a part of a recent piece she wrote in The Philadelphia Inquirer titled, “Race-based hate is out there, but it’s inside of us, too. Here is how to disrupt the pattern.” And I am honored to continue this important discussion with her today.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Elizabeth’s refreshing personal take on fashion and self-expression
  • Her upbringing and what led her to this place as a journalist and writer
  • Her feelings leading up to the George Floyd verdict and the trauma of everything that led us here
  • The need to view all people in their entire humanity and the inequity of this currently and historically 
  • Acknowledging the Black experience and how to be an ally
  • Being aware of where you have deficits and biases, and changing what you can in your thoughts and your life starting today

More from Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s body of work at The Philadelphia Inquirer: 

Elizabeth’s piece, Race-based hate is out there, but it’s inside of us, too. Here is how to disrupt the pattern.




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  • [ctt_hbox link=”1yU1b” ]We’re all trying to defend our existence so that we can be treated equally and fairly. ~Elizabeth Wellington #equality #humanity[/ctt_hbox]