BONUS How to Stay Healthy & Positive During COVID – 19 – Michael Merritt

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BONUS How to Stay Healthy & Positive During COVID-19 – Michael Merritt


The COVID-19 pandemic has engulfed the world, and NYC is the epicenter of the crisis. On this special bonus episode, ER Nurse and playwright Michael Merritt shares his experience on the front lines of the battle. Prepare to be moved and learn how to be safe and healthy during this unprecedented situation.

Michael E. Merritt is a playwright and author who has authored three books. He is currently developing a musical, “Passing by Pixie’s” and an untitled television pilot. He’s passionate about writing pieces that share his unique perspective on life. 

Michael has been an Emergency Room Registered Nurse for over twenty-two years. During his career, Michael has witnessed an extraordinary amount of human pain and suffering. Although he has seen more tragedy than most people will see in their entire lifetime, his message remains clear: that each of us has the freedom and the power within us to rise above life’s misfortunes, and ultimately, to discover the serene beauty in life.

Michael sees his personal and professional experiences to write pieces that give hope and inspiration to the world. In addition to his unique ability to make people laugh, Michael inspires people to see their world differently.

We’ll explore: 

  • What it means for Michael to get up and go to work.
  • Why and how Michael came to New York to work in healthcare.
  • The purpose of a ventilator, and the relationship between the time a patient is on a ventilator and the likelihood they will recover.
  • Precautions you can take such as washing your hands, keeping proper distance, and not touching your face.
  • How Michael is staying positive amidst the crisis.
  • How Michael is going to show up in the world differently as a result of the crisis.

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  • [ctt_hbox link=”6ZyzW” via=”no” ]On this episode, ER Nurse and Playwright Michael Merritt shares his experience on the front lines of #COVID-19 in NYC.[/ctt_hbox]
  • [ctt_hbox link=”3A5v6″ via=”no” ]ER Nurse and Playwright Michael Merritt shares how to stay healthy [/ctt_hbox]