Episode 218 Shift Your Mindset and Grab the Mic with Amina AlTai

218 Shift Your Mindset and Grab the Mic – Amina AlTai

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Wellness, Mindset, Resonant, Audience, Courage

218 Shift Your Mindset and Grab the Mic – Amina AlTai


What is standing between you and the speaking success you’d like to have? Today’s guest helps you see that the obstacle is not “out there”—it’s “in here.” She shares the importance of shifting your mindset so you can grab the mic and begin making growing your audience and business.

Wellness expert and business advisor Amina AlTai knows what it means to be a millennial on the move! She began her marketing career at Cartier and Vera Wang, then co-founded her own marketing agency and worked with clients such as Samsung and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. She later led the marketing teams of wellness leaders Bliss and Spafinder Wellness.

Amina speaks around the world, consults Fortune 500 companies, and shares her unique methodology for entrepreneurs to be what she calls “entreprenourished”—a term coined by Amina that refers to her key practices that nourish and nurture founders, their businesses, and their bottom lines.

We’ll explore:

  • Amina’s journey to the stage and why she decided to speak.
  • How Amina determined her speaking fee.
  • Why you must persevere, and why “no” means “not yet.”
  • The importance of finding the right stages—the people and places who will connect with your work.
  • How speaking connects to various other parts of Amina’s business.
  • What Amina has learned from mistakes she has made in speaking.
  • The shift from being “perfect” to being “resonant.”
  • The importance of clarity in building your speaking business.
  • Practical tips for becoming a paid speaker.

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