227 From Professor to Public Speaker – Dr. Lindsay Padilla 

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227 From Professor to Public Speaker – Dr. Lindsay Padilla 


People make the transition to public speaking in many ways. Today’s guest was a community college professor and used her teaching skills to add value to others through speaking. You’ll learn a variety of lessons on the business of speaking as she shares her story.

Dr. Lindsay Padilla is the ex-professor-turned-entrepreneur behind Build a Better Beta, an online program that helps influential experts release courses to their audiences quickly and easily, so they can focus on their teaching. The Better Beta Framework was born out of her tenure-track years teaching adults online at a community college and the ridiculous amount of learning she’s done in all things education. With this unique background, she is also the rambunctious host of the Academics Mean Business Podcast and Community, which shares the journeys of other academics who have made the leap into entrepreneurship.

We’ll explore:

  • The differences and similarities between teaching and public speaking.
  • Lindsay’s journey from the classroom to the stage.
  • How Lindsay saw something missing in the business community and went after a need.
  • Why marketers and educators approach online courses very differently.
  • How to be altruistic and still ask for money.
  • Why a product should be a solution to a problem people have.
  • The value of structuring your business around your strengths, gifts, and calling.
  • Various ways you can use your talk and translate it to different mediums: podcast, Facebook live, small paid workshop.
  • How becoming a speaker has impacted Lindsay’s business.
  • Why authority is not something you assign yourself—it’s something people give you.
  • Tips for becoming a paid speaker.

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