Episode 222 Knowing and Owning Who You Are with Jazz Biancci

222 Knowing & Owning Who You Are – Jazz Biancci

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Vulnerability, Authenticity, Identity, Connection, Collaboration

222 Knowing & Owning Who You Are – Jazz Biancci


One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself as a speaker is, “Who am I?” When you truly know and own your unique identity and perspective, you can powerfully impact an audience. Today’s guest shares her story, as well as practical strategies, for building your speaking business out of your true and vulnerable self.

Jazz Biancci, CAPP, is the founder and creator of Spiraling into Genius and The Consciousness Masculinity. As an author, speaker, and channel, Jazz sees the invisible influence and helps people discover what they don’t know, in order for them to have greater impact in the world.

We’ll explore:

  • Various ways to define monetization, and how Jazz has been able to monetize her message.
  • How Jazz had to get over who she was in the past, and why the gift of failure led her to greater opportunities.
  • Why everything is energy, and how we are a tower sending out radio waves into the world.
  • Possible resources you can receive from speaking: money, referrals, social media reach, connections and collaborations for the future, book sales, future projects and events.
  • The importance of aligning with people you want to be in business with.
  • How speaking has impacted Jazz’s life and business.
  • Practical tips for building your speaking business.

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