Episode 223 Make the Investment in Yourself with Karen Litzy

223 Make the Investment in Yourself – Karen Litzy

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Confidence, Pitching, Relationships, Audience, Practice

223 Make the Investment in Yourself – Karen Litzy


Speaking success doesn’t come automatically. You may be known in your field, but you must start at the beginning when building a speaking career. Today’s guest shares her story of making the investment in herself and building her speaking career over a number of years.

Dr. Karen Litzy is a licensed physical therapist, international speaker, owner of Karen Litzy Physical Therapy, host of the podcast “Healthy Wealthy & Smart,” and the creator of the Women in Physical Therapy Summit. Through her work as a physical therapist, she has helped thousands of people overcome painful conditions, recover from surgery, and return to their lives with family and friends.

As a podcast host, she has interviewed influencers in the world of health, medicine, and entrepreneurship, including Gloria Steinem, Dr. Karim Khan, JJ Virgin, and Professor Lorimer Moseley.

She has been a featured speaker at national and international events, including the International Olympic Committee, the Injury Prevention Conference in Monaco, and the Sri Lanka Sports & Exercise Medicine Conference.

We’ll explore:

  • The importance of becoming a student of speaking in order to get more stages.
  • Karen’s process for pitching herself as a speaker.
  • The importance of being yourself with your content and ideas when pitching.
  • Why you must build relationships over a number of years in order to be successful in speaking.
  • How setting an intention can help you accomplish your goals faster.
  • The importance of your community in helping you be more successful.
  • Why you must know the material inside out?.
  • How speaking has increased Karen’s business by other physical therapists referring patients to her, and having the courage to branch out beyond the stage.
  • Karen’s tips for getting into public speaking.

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