214 Valuing Yourself as a Speaker – Kristina Hallett

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Relationships, Business, Rejection, Preparation, Practice

214 Valuing Yourself as a Speaker – Kristina Hallett


The vast majority of speakers only focus on the altruistic side of speaking. While an attitude of service is vital, it’s also important to grow your business and be paid what you are worth. Today’s guest shares practical tips to help you value yourself as a speaker so you can impact even more lives.

Dr. Kristina Hallett is a Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist, Associate Professor at Bay Path University, Executive Coach, Author, and Speaker who specializes in harnessing the positive power of stress, self-compassion, and self-care for deeper connections. She helps driven professionals develop skills to make stress work to their advantage to increase focus, productivity, and overall well-being. She shares an approach to living through changes in mindset, perspective, core beliefs, and everyday practices that enhance resilience, relationships, communication, and performance.

We’ll explore:

  • How Kristina learned to be comfortable in speaking, as well as how to monetize her speaking business.
  • The value of doing things that scare you.
  • Why you can make money and serve others well at the same time.
  • How to sell yourself as a speaker and get comfortable with rejection.
  • The importance of forming and maintaining relationships as a speaker.
  • Kristina’s best advice about the business of speaking, and why you should not take rejection personally.
  • What Kristina has learned from her mistakes as a speaker.
  • How speaking has impacted Kristina’s overall business.
  • Four keys that make a difference in your life and speaking success: practice, perseverance, positive connections, play.

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