213 Listening to Your Client – Michael Parrish DuDell

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213 Listening to Your Client – Michael Parrish DuDell


It’s easy to think of speaking as one-way communication. But great communication begins by listening first. Today’s guest gives you practical strategies for discovering what your client needs, crafting a talk that impacts the audience, and growing your speaking business.

Michael Parrish DuDell is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of Shark Tank: Jump Start Your Business and Shark Tank Secrets to Success—the official business book series from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.

Ranked as one of the “most popular business authors” by Amazon.com and named “one of nation’s leading Millennial voices” by IBM, Michael is a recognized industry expert and television commentator who is regularly featured across numerous media outlets, including CNN, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, NBC News, and many more.

We’ll explore:

  • How Michael made the transition to speaking from bigger stages.
  • What it means to make 80% of your revenue from speaking.
  • What an audience is actually looking for in a keynote speaker.
  • Michael’s transition from speaking for free to being paid as a speaker.
  • The importance of understanding your client.
  • Why it’s important to be easy to work with, and always be on time.
  • How to ask for what you think you are worth.
  • The power of thinking long term.
  • What Michael has learned from some of the mistakes he has made.
  • The importance of zeroing in on a specific topic.

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