221 Say Yes to Opportunities – Sharon Holand Gelfand

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221 Say Yes to Opportunities – Sharon Holand Gelfand


How are you compensated as a speaker? It’s not just about receiving money—it’s also about receiving experience, making connections, and getting referrals. Today’s guest shares her journey to the stage, and why you should say “yes” to the opportunities in front of you to begin, or build, your speaking career.

Sharon Holand Gelfand is a healthcare disruptor. As a certified functional diagnostic nutritionist, Sharon transforms women’s lives by healing their guts. She gets to the root of their most common health complaints by testing—not guessing—and incorporates lifestyle shifts filled with more energy and less stress.

We’ll explore:

  • Sharon’s journey to the stage.
  • How Sharon monetizes her speaking.
  • Strategies for making the transition from speaking for experience to speaking for fees.
  • Advice for negotiation a speaking fee and getting clear on what you want from a speaking engagement.
  • What a speaker one-sheet is, and why it’s important to your speaking career.
  • Mistakes Sharon has made in speaking, and what she has learned from them.
  • The need to spend time working on your speaking pitch.
  • How speaking has impacted Sharon’s business, and why Sharon believes that speaking is a core component of any business.
  • Sharon’s advice for taking the plunge to get started in speaking.

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