269 The Power of Courageous Authenticity – Andrew Bennett

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Leadership, Courage, Transparency, Authenticity, Magic

269 The Power of Courageous Authenticity – Andrew Bennett


What is the core of leadership? Is it power? Titles? Position? Today’s guest shares the counter-intuitive perspective that leadership begins with courageous authenticity. You’ll learn how to become a more effective leader by focusing on the “inner game” of leadership and becoming more vulnerable and transparent.

Andrew Bennett is a speaker, consultant, coach, magician, and two-time TEDx presenter specializing in leadership, organizational culture, and personal development. He is on a mission to revitalize the human spirit and has worked with over 120 organizations, including Google, Microsoft, and Habitat for Humanity.

We’ll explore: 

  • How Ross Perot impacted Andrew’s perspective on leadership, and why Andrew started to use magic for personal and professional development.
  • Andrew’s recent experience working with the Dept. of Homeland Security.
  • Why we must be vulnerable and see each other as human beings.
  • The power of courageous authenticity in leadership.
  • How Andrew uses magic to enhance his skills as a public speaker, and the power of the “Appear, Disappear, Restore” formula. 
  • Why great leaders must stay humble, and stay connected to people.

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