272 Become a Nurturing Leader – Bridget Beyer

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272 Become a Nurturing Leader – Bridget Beyer


How does an effective leader manage relationships and deal with their team members? Today’s guest reveals her approach to influencing people: by becoming a nurturing leader. You’ll learn why this approach is so effective, as well as practical ways to nurture and lead your team.

Bridget Beyer is the Chief Operating Officer of the Beyer Family Automotive Group. She is a licensed attorney in New York and New Jersey, as well as an all-around female entrepreneurial bad ass. Her family’s automotive business has been around since 1914. Since coming on full time in 2001, she, alongside the rest of her family, took the business from one location with seventy employees to five locations with over 200 employees. Yearly net sales went from $50,000,000 to over $200,000,000. Bridget was featured in Oprah magazine and Automotive News for her innovative use of meditation with her staff. She believes to lead you must raise your people up.

We’ll explore: 

  • The importance of a nurturing approach in leadership.
  • Why most people don’t understand the importance of nurturing in leadership.
  • The value of continuous learning and transparency as a leader.
  • How Bridget came to understand her leadership skills.
  • A powerful example of servant leadership from Dennis, one of Bridget’s team members who made a big difference to a customer.
  • Why humor is an important key to Bridget’s speaking style.
  • Why Bridget believes we are not all born leaders.

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