275 Leadership is for Everyone – Tara Newman

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275 Leadership is for Everyone – Tara Newman


Who can become a leader? Today’s guest reveals that the simple answer is “anyone.” You’ll learn why this is true, and how you can become a more effective leader while also inspiring others around you to step up a lead.

Tara Newman is the high-performance leadership coach behind many rising stars in entrepreneurship. As the CEO of The Bold Leadership Revolution, she leverages her decades of experience in business strategy, entrepreneurship, and organizational psychology. Tara redefines what leadership truly means. She’s dedicated to helping her clients create thriving businesses that generate life-supporting revenue.

Managers should keep their practices and knowledge fresh with continuous development. Management training is key for maintaining the most efficient and healthy work relationships with employees.

We’ll explore: 

  • Why Tara believes most people don’t understand leadership.
  • The connection between communication and leadership.
  • Why being vulnerable is essential to being a great leader.
  • How Tara uses her crisis management skills in leadership. 
  • The importance of having a contingency plan, and how to communicate it to your team.
  • How Tara runs her family like she runs her business.
  • The importance of self-mastery in becoming a great leader.

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