280 Community Over Competition – Danielle Stroble

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280 Community Over Competition – Danielle Stroble


An increasing number of workers are independent and working from home. Even if that doesn’t describe you, the fact remains that many speakers and leaders are hungry for relationships and community. Our guest today shares her story of finding community and collaboration in unique settings. You’ll learn the value of closer relationships and how to empower others to do great work.

Danielle Stroble makes a habit of keeping things interesting. Throughout her career, she has gravitated to projects large and small that have challenged her and taught her the ins and outs of non-traditional environments. After twenty years of following a path through business, with expertise in financial accounting and business strategy, she began to consult others to craft their ideal business and lifestyle.

Now she is at the helm of Keller Street CoWork, where she takes her project management and people skills to new heights. Most days you can find Danielle engaging with each and every member of KSCW, ensuring that everyone in the community has what they need to be at their most inspired and supported in their business endeavors. She wants to shape the lives of young women who will follow the path they WANT to, rather than the one that they are “supposed” to. Danielle lives in Petaluma with her son and daughter.

We’ll explore:

  • What makes Danielle’s story unique, and how she became used to running a business at a young age.
  • How Danielle’s business skills allowed her to rebuild her life in the midst of a difficult personal time.
  • Danielle’s perspective on “community over competition.”
  • The intensity of the car-racing business, and how Danielle uses that energy in her speaking and business.
  • How she is creating a safe space in her work at Keller Street CoWork.
  • Ways Danielle is mentoring young women.
  • Why story is important to connect on a deeper level.

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