283 Set Your Primal Voice Free – Stephanie Redlener

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283 Set Your Primal Voice Free – Stephanie Redlener


Do you struggle with proving yourself to the world by being productive or creating a perfect image? Today’s guest shares her incredible story of finding self-approval and discovering her primal voice. You’ll learn to unlock your feelings and develop more confidence in all areas of your life.

Stephanie Redlener is the founder of Lioness, a coaching consultancy dedicated to helping powerful women lead and live their lives from a place of pleasure, power, and purpose. Her company activates the primal voice inside all women that often goes unheard. Stephanie’s mission is to set this voice free so that women who are leading us into the new world can step forward from a place of authenticity and magnetic feminine power.

As a coach, facilitator, and advisor, she empowers women leaders to remove their armor and explore the more sensitive, sensual, and intuitive parts of themselves so they can lead from a place of inner strength and achieve even greater results in their personal and professional lives.

She has a corporate background in talent strategy, culture change, and leadership development, working with Fortune 100 companies such as IBM and MetLife. She’s also trained under some of the most influential leaders in the modern women’s movement. She is a graduate of The School for Womanly Arts, a Tantra & Sex Coach, Co-Active Leadership Coach, and Femme! Teacher. She’s worked with hundreds of creative and talented women to reclaim and honor their voice and power within.

We’ll explore:

  • Stephanie’s tips for approving of yourself.
  • What a primal voice is, and how to set it free.
  • How to remove your armor and why it’s important to find your voice.
  • How Stephanie went from the corporate world, obsessed with productivity, to viewing herself in a different way.
  • What sharing your story is so important when you take a big stage.

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