Episode 186 Moving Your Audience Toward Hope with Alexandra Stockwell

186 Moving Your Audience Toward Hope – Alexandra Stockwell

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Hope, Openness, Self-Expression, Listening, Relationships

186 Moving Your Audience Toward Hope – Alexandra Stockwell


As speakers, we want to help our audience change and live the fullest life possible. Today’s guest shares how she guides her audience toward change by pointing them toward hope. You’ll also be inspired to help your audience be open to how much is possible in their lives.

Alexandra Stockwell is a physician turned relationship coach. She teaches couples how to have emotional connection and sensual passion so they fall more deeply in love with each passing year. Alexandra believes that men and women enjoying juicy marriages have better relationships with everyone in their lives. It turns out that the skills necessary to create a fantastic relationship are the same ones a speaker uses to connect with her audience and make certain her message is memorable.

We’ll explore: 

  • Alexandra’s audience, and how she learns about them.
  • Why it’s so important to know your audience.
  • What Alexandra wants from her audience.
  • Why Alexandra’s main role models are Barak and Michelle Obama.
  • A time when Alexandra gave a talk and did not know her audience.
  • How she goes about getting what she wants from her audience, and how she uses questions and stories.
  • Alexandra’s action words for speaking:  educate, Illuminate, inspire, illustrate.

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