Episode 173 Inviting Your Audience to Join the Dream

173 Inviting Your Audience to Join the Dream – Gareb Shamus

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Audience, Community, Trust, Future, Engagement

173 Inviting Your Audience to Join the Dream – Gareb Shamus


As a speaker, you are not only asking people to listen to your ideas. You are ideally inviting them to join something much bigger than one person. Today’s guest shares how he invites his audience to join a movement that has grown exponentially over the years, and how you can put these strategies into practice.

Gareb Shamus is the founder of the country’s largest producer of Comic Cons. Gareb started ACE Universe to produce more immersive and fan engaged Comic Cons in arenas with stars like Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Chris Evans (Captain America), and Tom Holland (Spider-Man). Gareb started, and published for over twenty years, Wizard and ToyFare—award-winning magazines that have transformed the superhero and character-based genre worldwide.

Gareb is also an American contemporary painter and part of New York’s emerging art world. His paintings are noted for breaking the “third wall” with their three-dimensional textures and use of a proprietary painting technique designed and developed to provoke conversation by reaching out to the viewer.

We’ll explore: 

  • The group of people who Gareb considers his audience, and how he learns about them.
  • The value of observing, asking questions, being open to what is going on.
  • Why it’s important to know who your audience is.
  • What Gareb wants from his audience, and how he helps them engage and participate.
  • How Gareb thinks much further out than most speakers and communicators.
  • Why people need to feel like they are part of the process.
  • Gareb’s involvement in the superhero and Comic Con community.
  • A time when Gareb was speaking to people and did not know his audience.
  • Gareb’s action words for speaking: discover, engage, community.

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