Episode 174 How to Engage Your Audience

174 How to Engage Your Audience – Heather Monahan

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174 How to Engage Your Audience – Heather Monahan


Every audience is different, and an effective speaker cannot blindly approach every audience the same way. Today’s guest shares her secrets for learning about her audience and crafting an experience that they will respond to.

Having reached the C-suite in media with over twenty years of successful leadership experience, Heather Monahan is a women’s empowerment expert and founder of Boss In Heels. She is a social media influencer, keynote speaker, Glass Ceiling award recipient, author of Confidence Creator and brand ambassador for Perry Ellis International’s female brand, Rafaella. 

We’ll explore: 

  • Why Heather has shifted her focus to the university audience.
  • Several methods Heather uses to learn about her audience.
  • Why it’s important to know your audience and pivot to reach them in a way that they will respond to.
  • What Heather wants from her audience.
  • The importance of understanding what motivates and drives your audience, and speaking to that in order to accomplish your goal.
  • A time when Heather gave a talk but did not know her audience.
  • Heather’s three action words for speaking: elevate, describe, innovate.

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