Episode 192 Key Questions to Ask About Your Audience with Joana Fonseca Orvalho

192 Key Questions to Ask About Your Audience – Joana Fonseca Orvalho

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192 Key Questions to Ask About Your Audience – Joana Fonseca Orvalho


When you are a preparing a talk, how do you learn about your audience? Today’s guest shares several key questions she uses to help her discover her audience’s needs and interests. These questions and strategies will help you become a more effective speaker as well.

Joana Fonseca Orvalho, born and raised in Porto, has lived in London since March 2008. She is happily married with a great man that is a true partner in life. She has over ten years of experience in the financial services industry, where she has had the pleasure of managing great teams, mentoring and coaching them to maximize their performance. In the past year, she decided to follow her passion and launch her career coaching business. She took a coaching certification at the World Coach Institute to help her in her desire to get the best out of people and add true value to the world!

We’ll explore:

  • Joana’s various audiences in the banking industry and coaching.
  • How Joana uses the internet to learn about her audience, including using LinkedIn.
  • What it is so important to learn about your audience, and key questions she asks herself about the audience when preparing a talk.
  • What Joana wants from her audience, and how she goes about getting it.
  • The importance of reading the room.
  • Joana’s three action words in speaking: accomplish, discuss, educate.

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