Episode 196 Understand Who is in the Room with Mari Carmen Pizarro

196 Understand Who is in the Room – Mari Carmen Pizarro

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Relationships, Fear, Growth, Transformation, Persuasion

196 Understand Who is in the Room – Mari Carmen Pizarro


In order to have the biggest impact possible, we must tailor our message to the audience. Today’s guest shares her process for learning about her audience, including key questions she asks about those who are listening.

Mari Carmen Pizarro is on a mission to change the corporate conversation. She is the founder of Whole Leadership Systems, a boutique consulting firm dedicated to developing high-performing executives and leaders.

Mari is a former human resources executive with more than 25 years of experience in leadership philosophy and human performance. Her time-tested and heart-centered leadership systems have spawned effective, purpose-driven leaders around the world. Her clients lovingly refer to hear as their “HeartCore Mentor.”

We’ll explore:

  • Mari’s audience, and what their main goals are.
  • How Mari learns about her audience, and the importance of relationships and referrals.
  • What it is so important to learn about your audience.
  • What Mari wants from her audience, and how she goes about getting it.
  • Four key questions for every speaker: What do I want to them to know? What do I want them to think? How do I want them to feel? What do I want them to do?
  • The value of understanding what you are going to give the audience, and what they will receive from their investment of time.
  • A time when Mari gave a talk but did not know her audience, and what she learned.
  • How Mari would pivot when the audience is not engaged.
  • Mari’s three action words in speaking: inspire, challenge, release.

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