183 Give Your Audience the Skills to Innovate – Marie Incontrera

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183 Give Your Audience the Skills to Innovate – Marie Incontrera


What do jazz music and business have in common? Innovation. Today’s guest shares her process for helping clients develop the skills to innovate in their field, whether it’s art, business, or music. You’ll be inspired to take your own speaking and work to a new level of creativity and excellence.

Marie Incontrera is a social media, publicity, and speaker consultant for authors, thought leaders, coaches, and consultants; avant-garde jazz musician; author; and fitness enthusiast residing in Brooklyn, New York.

As a consultant, her services include: social media and online branding services for individuals and small businesses; media bookings (podcasts, internet radio, traditional radio, and more); TEDx talk development and speaker booking outreach; blogging and ghostwriting (on platforms such as Thrive, Quora, Medium, LinkedIn Pulse); customized book-launch packages; and more.

We’ll explore: 

  • How Marie’s audience has changed, and how she learns about them.
  • The value of meeting your audience where they are.
  • What Marie wants from her audience.
  • How she gives her audience the skills to innovate in their field.
  • The power of identifying your stories that can help you achieve your goal.
  • Marie’s three action steps in speaking: amaze, innovate, learn.

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