Episode 189 Inspire Your Audience to Action with Marissa Fayer

189 Inspire Your Audience to Action – Marissa Fayer

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189 Inspire Your Audience to Action – Marissa Fayer


Creating and preparing messages is a key part of the communication process. But what is the end result of all that effort? Today’s guest offers a powerful reminder that what we are really seeking is to inspire the audience to action. She shares strategies and tips that will help you move your audience as well.

Marissa Fayer is an 18-year medtech executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist whose mission is to advance growth and prosperity for organizations and the communities in which they operate. Marissa is the President of Fayer Consulting LLC, the CEO of the non-profit HERHealthEQ, a partner at LLEX Partners, and the COO of Olympian Capital. Her expertise and vision connect organizational optimization and development with responsibility to bring about a more giving global community with health and opportunity.

We’ll explore: 

  • Marissa’s mission in life, and her diverse audience.
  • How Marissa learns about her audiences, and the importance of being in the right place with the right people.
  • What it’s important to know whom you’re talking to.
  • Why Marissa wants to inspire her audience, and how it helps the audience to be better givers.
  • A time when Marissa gave a talk but did not know her audience, and what she learned.
  • Marissa’s three action words for speaking: inspire, motivate, awaken.

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