Episode 201 Move Your Audience to Growth with Marla Mattenson

201 Move Your Audience to Growth – Marla Mattenson

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Observing, Audience, Growth, Stories, Vulnerability

201 Move Your Audience to Growth – Marla Mattenson


Today’s guest reminds us that our role as speakers and communicators it not just to convey information. It’s to help people grow and transform their lives. She shares how she has helped people pursue personal growth, make deeper connections, and move them to action.

Marla Mattenson is a relationship and intimacy expert specializing in coaching couples in business together with a desire to learn how to take their drive for success and growth mindset in business and apply it to invigorate their relationship.

Using her neuroscience and mathematics background, Marla is uniquely gifted at working with couples to transform their negative habitual patterns. Marla writes a weekly relationship column for Entrepreneur.com because the hidden power of successful businesses are the stable, loving relationships behind the scenes.

We’ll explore:

  • How Marla learns about her audience, and what she has learned through the power of observation.
  • Why it is important to know whom you’re talking to.
  • What Marla wants from her audience, and whether that changes.
  • How she helps her audience to grow.
  • A time when Marla gave a talk but did not know what her audience wanted, and how she switched tactics.
  • How to use body language and visual cues to determine what people are really trying to say.
  • Marla’s three action words for speaking: arouse, translate, innovate.

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