Episode 177 How to Learn About Your Audience

177 How to Learn About Your Audience – Michael Roderick

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Audience, Relationships, Connection, Asking, Networking

177 How to Learn About Your Audience – Michael Roderick


One of the key aspects of becoming an effective speaker is learning about your audience. Today’s guest delivers actionable steps to help uncover an audience’s most important needs, as well as what to do at the end of your presentation.

Michael Roderick is the founder of Small Pond Enterprises, a company that works at the intersection of relationship building and thought leadership. He helps thoughtful givers become thought leaders using the same methodology he used to go from being a high school English teacher to a Broadway producer in under two years. Michael is also the founder of ConnectorCon and the host of the podcast Access to Anyone.

We’ll explore: 

  • The importance of balancing the amount of giving you are doing with the amount of asking you are doing.
  • The audience Michael has built, and why he calls them the “anti-networking” crowd.
  • Michael’s strategies for learning about his audience.
  • Why it’s important to know whom you’re talking to.
  • The value of using the TCM (time, connections, money) index to learn about your audience.
  • What Michael wants from his audience.
  • What Michael learning from a situation where he spoke but did not know his audience.
  • The power of asking for “takeaways” instead of “questions” at the conclusion of a presentation.
  • Michael’s three action words for speaking: elucidate, bolster, synthesize.

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