Episode 185 The Key to a Successful Talk with Nicole Wipp

185 The Key to a Successful Talk – Nicole Wipp

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Networking, Relationships, Audience, Challenge, Provoke

185 The Key to a Successful Talk – Nicole Wipp


What does it take to be a successful speaker? Preparation? Appearance? Experience? Today’s guest reveals the single most important key to giving a successful talk, and it surprisingly does not begin with the speaker.

Nicole Wipp is an expert in helping business leaders get even better results through performance development. Nicole is passionate about helping individuals and teams break the cycles of pervasive energy problems, such as BURNOUT and OVERWHELM, the hidden “thieves” of mental energy, emotional energy, and personal productivity that keep people, teams, and their businesses, stuck.

As an experienced entrepreneur and small business consultant, she is the founder and CEO of The Results Catalyst, a consulting and training firm that provides a range of leadership, team creation, coaching, team building, and retention services to business leaders worldwide. She is also an experienced and highly rated speaker, with hundreds of talks given over the last decade.

We’ll explore: 

  • One of Nicole’s audiences: business leaders in a corporate setting who are responsible for a team.
  • How Nicole learns about her audience, and the importance of networking, conferences, and meetings.
  • They key to a successful talk, and why it’s so important to understand your audience.
  • What Nicole wants from her audience, and the actions she takes to get it.
  • How Nicole provokes and challenges her audience.
  • A time when Nicole gave a talk but did not know her audience.
  • Nicole’s three action words for speaking: challenge, provoke, educate.

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