Episode 198 Helping People Uncover Their Soul Story with Odette Peek

198 Helping People Uncover Their Soul Story – Odette Peek

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198 Helping People Uncover Their Soul Story – Odette Peek


Whose agenda should drive what you do as a speaker? Today’s guest shares her process for helping her audience uncover their “soul story.” Her strategy of getting personal and vulnerable with her listeners, and focusing on their pain and problems, is a strategy you can use with your audience as well.

After building a seven-figure business, Odette Peek suffered a personal crisis that led to a breakdown and then a rebirth of a new mission to help entrepreneurs and leaders share their unique and powerful story with the world. A professional speaker, experienced business coach, and TEDx alumni, Odette helps you identify, clarify, and amplify the story that is the root of your passion and purpose and emotionally and professionally connects you with the perfect audience. Vulnerability and authenticity can be difficult to share, but with Odette’s help they will unleash your superpowers and help you build a successful and sustainable business and achieve the life you have always wanted.

We’ll explore:

  • How Odette built her two most successful businesses in times of crisis and recession.
  • Odette’s audience, and how she helps them uncover their “soul story.”
  • How she learns about her audience and attract the people who share her story.
  • The strategies Odette uses to get what she wants from her audience.
  • A time when Odette gave a talk but did not know her audience.
  • A key question for every speaker: “What does the audience want?”
  • The difference between talking “at” an audience and asking questions.
  • The value of using experiential exercises within a talk.
  • Odette’s three action words for speaking: obliterate, hypnotize, corroborate.

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