Episode 178 Inviting Your Audience to Tell a Story

178 Inviting Your Audience to Tell a Story – Raimonda Jankunaite

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Women, Story, Relationships, Networking, Connection

178 Inviting Your Audience to Tell a Story – Raimonda Jankunaite


Today’s guest shares her story of helping and inspiring women in business. As she shares the wisdom she has learned, you’ll come away knowing how to elevate and engage your own audience by listening to them and inviting them to tell a story.

Raimonda is an entrepreneur and innovative business strategist who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses create a positive social impact. Through her work as a business strategist, she has become a leading authority in crowdfunding and co-founded her own crowdfunding platform, Crowd Velocity, in 2015. Last year her focus shifted to creating the support and training needed for a successful start-up, and she launched an online learning platform.

Raimonda is a huge champion of women in business, and works hard to build connections between female entrepreneurs from across the globe to help them share knowledge, support, and inspiration. She is an advocate for Women In Tech and successfully hosted two Women in Business events in London in 2017, and this year has brought together fourteen incredible international speakers for the International Women in Business Summit.

We’ll explore: 

  • Raimonda’s passion for inspiring other women who are finding a new space for themselves and their business.
  • How Raimonda finds these women, and learns who they are and what they need.
  • Why you must take an interest in your audience.
  • What Raimonda wants from her audience.
  • How she uses questions during an event to engage the audience.
  • A time when Raimonda gave a talk but did not know her audience.
  • Raimonda’s three action words for speaking: inspire, elevate, motivate.

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