Episode 191 Does Your Audience Trust You with Sonia Chopra

191 Does Your Audience Trust You? – Sonia Chopra

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191 Does Your Audience Trust You? – Sonia Chopra


Speaking is more than just transmitting information to an audience. In order for the audience to receive your message and act on it, they must also trust you. Today’s guest shares how she builds trust with her various audiences in the dental field, and how this enhances her communication with them.

Dr. Sonia Chopra is a Board-Certified Endodontist, which means she is a root canal specialist. She founded her practice in 2008 in Charlotte, NC with the goal of helping patients understand the “why” and “how” of their procedure. She has since created an online education community for general dentists, sharing knowledge on perfecting endodontic skills, and focusing on thorough diagnoses, delivering compassionate solutions, and considering whole patient care.

We’ll explore:

  • How a root canal saved Sonia’s life and started her down her career path.
  • Sonia’s three audiences, and how she learns about them.
  • Why it is important to know whom you are talking to.
  • How she pivots in her communication with each audience.
  • A time when Sonia spoke to an audience and it did not go as planned, and what she learned.
  • Sonia’s action words for speaking: listen, educate, understand, motivate, accept.

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