Episode 199 Connect Through Love and Service with Stephanie Trager

199 Connect Through Love and Service – Stephanie Trager

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Connection, Persuasion, Audience, Love, Service

199 Connect Through Love and Service – Stephanie Trager


What is the secret to persuading an audience? There are many ways to help change people’s minds and move them to action, but today’s guest points to a different way. She reveals how she persuades and inspires an audience through love, service, and discovering what the audience wants to learn.

Stephanie’s captivating story inspires audiences around the globe. She is the Chief Catalyst at Intentional Paradigms, a coaching and consulting firm helping visionary entrepreneurs and executives unleash potential and advance their leadership influence. Combining 20+ years’ in legal practice, business and personal evolution, Stephanie gets to the heart of the matter quickly and empathically co-creates rapid breakthroughs.

Founder of Trager Law PLLC, she has been dubbed the Shaman Lawyer Business Coach, and is considered ethical counsel for her wealth of knowledge in business, positioning, negotiations, communications, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. Stephanie is the author of a forthcoming book on Leadership and Indigenous Wisdom.

We’ll explore:

  • Stephanie’s audience, and her strategies for learning about them.
  • How she connects with an audience energetically before she speaks.
  • The value of finding out how the audience wants to learn from you.
  • What she wants from her audience.
  • How Stephanie shifts her action when things are not going as planned.
  • Stephanie’s three action words in speaking: Innovate, connect, mesmerize.

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