Episode 194 Always Leave Them Wanting More with Susan Eichhorn Young

194 Always Leave Them Wanting More – Susan Eichhorn Young

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Audience, Attention, Permission, Conversation, Clarity

194 Always Leave Them Wanting More – Susan Eichhorn Young


How does a speaker reach that sweet spot between giving the audience too much and not giving them enough? Today’s guest reminds us that while our objective doesn’t change, our action must change depending on the situation and the audience. She will encourage you to find the sweet spot by understanding your audience and knowing what they need … and always leave them wanting more.

Susan Eichhorn Young is All Things Voice. She is a NYC-based voice strategist and executive speaking coach in the corporate and media world. She is also a performer and voice teacher in the theatre world. Susan is a singer, speaker, writer, teacher, and influencer who has lived it, survived it, and continues to discover more of it!

We’ll explore:

  • Susan’s audiences, and what ties them all together.
  • Why it’s so important to know whom you’re talking to.
  • How to reach a sweet spot between giving your audience too much and not enough.
  • What Susan wants from her audience, and he she gets it.
  • An example of how Susan uses action to achieve her objective, and why it’s crucial to stay present with the audience.
  • Susan’s three action words in speaking: allow, honor, illuminate.

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