203 Knowing Your Audience from A to Z – Vanessa Horn

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203 Knowing Your Audience from A to Z – Vanessa Horn


Nothing is more important in the speaking process than knowing your audience. Today’s guest reveals her process for learning about her audience through a variety of strategies—all the way from initial research up to the second you walk on stage. You’ll come away with useful tips for speaking, sales, and business strategy.

Vanessa is the CEO of Vanessa Horn International, a global business and personal development company and marketing agency. She is a sought after speaker, business coach, and the author of the books I’ll Have What She’s Having!® and Profit With Honor.

She has worked with over 20,000 purpose-driven entrepreneurs to help them build successful businesses working just four hours a day. Her expertise is helping you create high-end clients and multiple six-figures online without having to blog, do social media, have a website or any of the traditional busywork most entrepreneurs think they have to do. She is all about creating big impact and income from a place of grace and ease.

We’ll explore:

  • Vanessa’s audience, and how she learns about them.
  • How Vanessa helps her audience and how she helps them use speaking to build their business.
  • Why it’s important to know whom you’re talking to.
  • The 3 key parts of the sales process.
  • The importance of market research.
  • What Vanessa wants from her audience, and tactics she uses to achieve it.
  • The value of reverse-engineering your talk so it builds to the audience take action.
  • The easiest way to be in the top 5% of earners in the speaking industry.
  • A time when Vanessa did not connect with her audience, and what she learned.
  • Vanessa’s three action words in speaking: inspire, empower, attract.

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