265 Listen in Order to Be Heard – Emily Kumler Kaplan

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265 Listen in Order to Be Heard – Emily Kumler Kaplan


What is the best way to get your message heard? The answer might surprise you. Today’s guest shares what she has learned as a journalist, mother, and communicator about the power of listening in order to be heard.

Emily Kumler Kaplan is an award-winning investigative journalist. As an ABC news staffer, newspaper reporter, columnist, and magazine writer, she has gone inside the minds of murderers, world leaders, celebrities, business innovators, and everyone in between. Emily’s fascination with how our personal narratives play a major role in our experiences makes her a captivating writer and speaker. She contributes to The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Good Morning America, The New York Daily News, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Daily Beast, and other media outlets. She also writes a weekly health column for Boston Magazine.

We’ll explore: 

  • Emily’s passion for women’s health.
  • How Emily taught her daughter to step fully into her voice.
  • Why much of the depression and anxiety in our society is due to people not feeling heard.
  • The value of paraphrasing back to people what they just said so they feel heard.
  • How Emily shares her voice through her podcast and writing.
  • The importance of owning your voice and having the impact you are meant to have in the world.

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