Episode 259 Listen to Your Inner Voice and Take Action with Emily Williams

259 Listen to Your Inner Voice & Take Action – Emily Williams

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When you step onto the stage, are you tempted to put on a persona? Do you feel pressured to be someone you are not? Do you allow fear to prevent your voice from having its true impact? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this episode is for you! Today’s guest shares her powerful story of dealing with fear and allowing her inner voice to shine through. You’ll be inspired to listen to your own inner voice, take action, and speak with greater impact.

Emily Williams is a success coach, entrepreneur, and author with a seven-figure business who, at one point, couldn’t get a job at Starbucks. After experiencing a quarter-life crisis, she moved from Ohio to London (where she knew no one!) and in 2014 launched her business, I Heart My Life. She made $442 in her first month—and then went on to hit six figures in six months, before her 30th birthday. She grew it to seven figures in under eighteen months.

Today, she works with female entrepreneurs all over the world, helping them bust through the obstacles that hold their dreams and goals hostage so they can free themselves to live the lives they want, build their own online business, and hit their money goals. She’s been featured in Money, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Forbes and Success Magazine.

We’ll explore: 

  • When Emily realized she had to begin using her voice.
  • The moment everything changed for Emily.
  • How Emily went from an “intuitive hit” to putting a voice to everything she wanted to create.
  • Emily’s thoughts on designing your messaging. 
  • How Emily uses her voice to inspire others.
  • The importance of owning your desires and being aligned with your calling.
  • Emily’s advice on dealing with fear.

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