Episode 263 Step into Your Authentic Voice

263 Step into Your Authentic Voice – Erika Gerdes

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263 Step into Your Authentic Voice – Erika Gerdes


We naturally run from fear as human beings. But if you want to make a bigger impact as a speaker and leader, you must not only face your fears—you must also give voice to them. Today’s guest shares her powerful story of learning to face her fears and become more authentic. Her story will inspire and motivate you to step into your authentic voice and speak with greater clarity.

Leadership development speaker, coach and writer, Erika Gerdes shares The Art of Undoing, an awareness and mindfulness practice she designed to teach people practical ways to improve their well-being, authenticity, and impact. Erika spent twelve years at Google, and left at the height of her career to help people be happier and more fulfilled in their lives.

We’ll explore: 

  • Erica’s story of developing The Art of Undoing.
  • Why we all have a responsibility to figure out the impact we can have on the world.
  • The importance of giving voice to our “fear stories.”
  • Why we need to talk to ourselves as we would talk to our best friend.
  • How Erika began getting more clarity about her voice.
  • The value of asking yourself questions without knowing the answers.

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