264 Using Your Voice to Help Others – Harrison Monarth

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264 Using Your Voice to Help Others – Harrison Monarth


Your voice as a speaker is not only about you—it’s also about how you can impact the world through your unique perspective and viewpoint. Today’s guest shares a clear vision of how to take the focus of yourself and provide massive value to others by developing your voice.

New York Times bestselling author and executive coach Harrison Monarth is a leader in the field of developing key leadership competencies, executive presence, effective communication, and leadership influence. Harrison helps managers and leaders develop better self-awareness, understand their style and impact on others, improve stakeholder relationships, and develop a strong personal brand.

We’ll explore: 

  • The importance of voice and being an effective leader.
  • How Harrison found his voice as a teenager by providing value to others.
  • Various ways that Harrison helps others find their voices through his work.
  • How to see your voice as an instrument.
  • The difference between voice and message in terms of what you are doing to serve people.
  • What it means to have an impactful voice.
  • Steps to take after you find your voice.
  • The connection between the voice and listening

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